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10 Things That Get Me in the Mood for Autumn

I have to admit, I am all about the sun and warmth.  So it’s not surprising that Autumn and Winter are not my favourite seasons.  Having said that, there is something to be said for those first few weeks where Summer slowly disappears and Autumn creeps in on us.  I do like the warm cosy feeling you get when that chill in the air sweeps in, and gives you the perfect excuse to run home and get into your comfy pyjamas.

It seems as though we hit September here in the UK and with it came Autumn.  I was fully expecting some late Summer sun running through to October, but as the days go on I think I am going to have to accept that Autumn is here to stay.  With that in mind, I decided to write this post to help me get into the Autumn mood…..and hopefully you guys too!

make up geek eyeshadows, scarf, fluffy socks and candle

make up geek eyeshadows in z palette


I live in flip-flops in the Summer, so when the weather becomes too cold to have my little tootsies out on display, I know that Autumn is calling! And this means that I get to pull out all of my boots.  I love wearing boots, whether they are heeled or flat, I always think they make your outfit look smart and put together.  No matter how many boots I have, every year I see more styles that I like, and can’t help but pick them up! Yes, I have a problem.  But also, I have a boot to go with every type of outfit!


I get to wear all of my smaller jackets in Autumn because its not too cold, which I really enjoy, because like the boots, they make your outfit look polished and like you’ve made a bit more of an effort.  (You should see me in the Winter….any type of style or fashion sense goes out the window and all I care about is keeping as wrapped up and warm as possible!!)

My favourite jackets are from River Island and New Look. I bought them last year so they aren’t available now, but this one from River Island is very similar to mine, just without the faux fur.

river island leather jacket with faux fur and black ankle boots


I love a scarf.  This is probably the thing I get most excited for when Autumn comes.  I have so many scarves that I couldn’t even begin to count them!  It gets to the point that when I have to give up my scarves in the Summer, I actually feel naked for a little while! Anyway, I like to wear the thinner type scarves at the start of Autumn, just to cover that bare patch you get around your neck. Brrrrr it makes me feel cold just thinking about it! But when it starts to get really chilly, I love this scarf from Joules.  Its sooo warm and soft, I could fall asleep cuddling into it!

Fluffy Socks

I wear slippers all year round because I hate that feeling you get when bits stick to your feet! (People with hard floors – you know what I’m talking about!!) However, in the colder Autumn months, some slippers just don’t cut it.  I love the feeling of putting fluffy socks on when your feet feel like ice.  Nothing more cosy than that!

Fluffy Blankets

I recently decided (in the Summer months randomly) that I wanted a blanket box in my lounge.  After looking for ages I couldn’t find anything that would go with my furniture, so I decided on a wicker basket instead.  This meant that I needed to buy some blankets to go into it.  That is where I stumbled across these amazing Teddy Bear blankets from Dunelm.  OH MY GOD!! I can’t describe how soft and warm these blankets are, you just need to go buy some NOW! I have been waiting all Summer for it to be cold enough to grab these out of the basket – and now I can! Thank you Autumn!

grey fluffy blankets from dunelm


Ok, to be fair, I light candles all year round.   But I kinda feel like I shouldn’t be.  It just seems a bit strange lighting a candle in the middle of Summer when its light until 9pm!  However, that first time that you get home, it’s already getting dark, and you light a candle…..that to me is Autumn.  I’m all about the coziness, and that is the epitome of it for me.  My favourite smells to burn in the Autumn are the open fire/ember scents, and these candles from Wood Wick are my favourite type of candle. They crackle like a fireplace as you burn them (how amazing is that??) and if you get the Fireside fragrance it smells like a real one too!

wood wick hearth wick candle, yankee candle and Jo Malone candle

Special Edition Coffee

This is probably on most people’s list.  The Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced latte pictures crop up on Instagram every year.  Dare I say it, but I don’t actually like the Pumpkin spiced latte (I wish I did!) but I always like the other one they release alongside it.  This year it’s the Caramelised Pecan latte which is right up my street!  My tastes aside, I just love seeing the Autumn coffee flavours come out. It definitely helps me get into the Autumn mood seeing everyone else with their Pumpkin Spiced lattes.  Just keep them away from me.

Warm/Orangey Eye Shadows

Over the Summer I tend to not wear too much on my eyes.  A little swipe of pale pink shimmer and I’m done.  However, there’s something about Autumn that just makes me want to wear an eyeshadow look, and I love bringing out all my warm toned orangey shades.  Make Up Geek’s Chickadee always springs to mind when I think of Autumn.  I love using that gorgeous pumpkin colour as a transitional shade, I used it for the first time yesterday and I forgot how amazing it is (even though it looks mega scary in the pan!!).

FYI – I like to get all of my Make Up Geek shadows from Beauty Bay.  That site is a danger to me!!

make up geek eyeshadow in chickadee, bitten and cocoa bear

Crisp Sunny Dog Walks and Wellies

I do a lot of walking, what with the school run twice a day and taking my highly energetic Border Collie out in between.  And as much as I love walking in the warm Summer months, I think I like those early autumn walks more.  I love the feeling of walking outside when the air is crisp (but not freezing cold) and the sun is shining and still has that warmth when it is on you.  The crunch of the fallen golden leaves and acorns under my boots somehow leaves me with a cosy feeling inside.    Getting my wellies out is a sure-fire way to get me in the mood for Autumn.  It makes me feel like a child again, and I deliberately go out of my way to step in the muddiest puddle I can find! I can’t be the only one who does that can I??!!

Well, if I wasn’t before, I am definitely in the Autumn spirit now!  Bring on the leaves and the orangey brown colours and fire scented candles…..Autumn, I’m ready for you!!

I hope that this post got you guys in the mood for Autumn too, thanks for stopping by!

Tasha xx

hunter wellies in autumn