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My Quick and Easy Everyday Make Up

My Quick and Easy Everyday Make Up

I have been wearing this make up look non stop over the Summer, it is so quick and easy that I have it down to a fine art now!  I know Autumn is fast approaching, but I refuse to believe that we aren’t going to have anymore sunny days, so I will be wearing this make up for a little while longer yet (at least until my tan fades anyway!)

quick everyday make up

One of the reasons this is so quick is because I don’t use a foundation, which is great for the Summer – I hate having loads of make up on my skin when its hot.  If your skin won’t let you get away with this, it still wouldn’t add too much time to put a little foundation on as a base.  I do like to change things up a little everyday, but for the most part these are the products I use.

How I Put My Make Up On

real techniques setting brush and blush brush and beautyblender

To make things as quick as possible I like to use a damp Beautyblender.  I then use the real techniques blush brush for my bronzer and the setting brush for my highlight.  (I love using the setting brush for loads of different things, I actually have 2, they’re so handy).  If I decide to do eyeshadow, I use any blending brush I can grab at the time!

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Becca backlight priming filterThis is my favourite primer ever.  It gives you such a gorgeous glow underneath your make up, it is perfect for those Summer days – especially when you’re not covering it up with foundation.  I don’t always use this – it depends on how much of a rush I’m in, and if I think my skin is looking particularly dull that day.

Tarte Shape Tape

tarte shape tape

I.LOVE.THIS.STUFF!!!! I could write a whole post dedicated to this concealer (maybe I will), but for now, I just want to say that if I could only choose one make up product to have for the rest of my life…..this would be it.  I suffer so badly with dark circles (thanks to my Iranian heritage) that I have spent the whole of my make up wearing life trying to find the best product(s) to cover them up.  I hadn’t found anything that came close to making me happy until I bought this.  Truly, it isn’t raved about for no reason.

Anyway, back to my make up routine.  This has such great coverage that I use this as my base in my quick and easy everyday make up.  I have it in 2 shades – Medium and Tan Sand.  I use the medium under my eyes and all the places I want to highlight, and the tan sand is for spot covering the rest of my face.  Blend it all out with the beauty blender (it blends like a charm by the way) and my base is done.  Simple.

**If you are looking to buy this in the UK then I think the only place you can get it is QVC online.(I’ve linked to this in the picture)  It is pricey and you can only buy it with the blending sponge (annoying) but it is entirely worth your money and will last you for ages.  In the US it is exclusive to Ulta, so if you’re heading over there make sure you seek one of those out.**

Mac Prep and Prime

Mac prep and prime setting powder

I used to hate this stuff when I first bought it, and it sat in my drawer for about a year.  But then I rediscovered it and now I use it everyday.  I always use this to set under my eyes and on my nose.  This is where the make up seems to disappear first on me.  Then depending on the weather or how long I need my make up to last I will set my chin and forehead with it too.  But mostly I like to use as little powder as possible to keep my skin looking dewy.  I apply this with the Beauty Blender too.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz

Anastasia Beverley hills brow whiz

I hate doing my eyebrows, its my least favourite part of my make up routine.  So I try to get it done as quick as possible.  The fine nib lets you create thin brush strokes which gives your eyebrows a really natural look. I also like the spoolie on the end too, I can’t stand the eyebrow pencils that have the wierd brush on the end.

Maybelline Contour Stick

maybelline contour stick

I like to use the contour stick rather than powder when Im doing this look because it keeps me from looking like I’m too made up (nothing worse than going on the school run looking like you are ready for a night out – believe me, I’ve done it!) Anyway, this is a great contour colour – not too warm like a lot of them can be.

Only thing I don’t like about this is that half the side is contour and the other half is a highlight (which I don’t use).  So as its wearing down, I’ve got hardly any of the contour showing, and the highlight is getting mixed in with it – not ideal.  I have now bought the Rimmel contour stick, which has its highlighter on the other end. Thats great, however I think the colour is a little warm for me, and I find the stick to be a bit flimsy.  I think I may still be on the hunt for that perfect contour stick!

Mac Give Me Sun Mineralize Skin Finish

Mac give me sun mineralise skin finish

I always use a bronzer.  I do chop and change bronzers, but whist I have a tan I like to use Give Me Sun.  It is quite an orangey bronzer (and looks a little scary in the pan) but once its on it really blends with your skin tone.  Although, I would say that this is best for medium/olive skin – maybe steer clear if you’re very fair.  I like to put this all over my cheeks, top of my forehead, lightly over the bridge of my nose and down my neck.  Yes.  Pretty much all over my face!  But it really gives you a sun kissed glow – which is exactly what I’m going for most of the time.  Thanks to its glowiness, I don’t feel like I need to use any blush-although if I’m not in such a hurry I will.

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow

Bobbi brown highlighter

This picture really doesn’t do it justice.  This is such a pretty highlight, and it is definitely the one I reach for most of the time.  I bought this when the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks were all the rage.  I went in to buy a shimmer brick, and the girl behind the counter showed me this one, and really recommended it.  So I went with the pink glow and Im so glad I did.  It gives a pinky peach glow rather than a chunky glittery highlight – which is what I prefer.  This is definitely a more subtle highlight, so if you’re into the blinding highlights then this probably won’t be your thing.  But for me, this is the perfect everyday highlight to make my skin look beautifully glowy.

I put this on the top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose, cupids bow and under the arches of my eyebrows.  Sometimes I put a little on the centre of my chin – although I wouldn’t recommend doing this for those of you with oily skin.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner

maybelline 24 hour lasting gel eyeliner

This is definitely my go to eye liner.  It’s the easiest to use, and doesn’t smear all over the place.  I like to draw a thin line across the top lash line and also on the outer corner of my lower lash line, and the fine nib on this is perfect for doing that.  I wouldn’t use this if I was doing a smokey look, as its not great for blending – once its on it doesn’t budge! But to me that is a good thing when I want my makeup to stay in place all day.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

too faced better than sex mascara

I kept seeing this mascara around, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the money for it when there are so many other cheaper options in the drug store.  However, when I was in Boston earlier in the year, I went into a Sephora and saw it sat their waiting by the till.  They are very good at doing that in the make up stores over there – I think I have bought more things waiting in line at the till than I have actually browsing the store! And they have loads of mini size products too-which is great for trying out products without spending the full price.

Back to the mascara.  I love this because it has a nice fat bristly brush which gives my lashes lots of volume.  I usually find with a mascara that it either gives great volume, or length, but not both.  This one however does do both….well.  If you are looking for a higher end mascara, make sure this is on your list.

Nyx Butter Gloss in Eclair

nyx butter gloss in eclair

To be fair, this is something I change up on a daily basis.  If I’m really going for a casual look, I will wear a lip gloss and this is one of my favourites.  Its a pretty pale pink colour that goes with anything, and doesn’t look too full on.  I always feel if I wear lipstick I actually look like Im wearing make up.  So if thats what I’m going for that day, then I’ll either wear a pinky nude lipstick (JLO’s nude is one of my favourites) or I’ll just use a lip liner all over my lips. This one is my absolute favourite and I have to stop myself from being boring and using it all the time!

So that is my quick and easy everyday make up look that I am wearing at the moment.  It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, and leaves you looking like you’ve spent a whole lot longer!

Tasha Braniff everyday make up

What are your everyday go to products?  I’d love to hear your quick and easy everyday make up routines – let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tasha xxx